Amazon Sauces – Columbia 4 Pack Gift Set

Amazon Sauces – Columbia 4 Pack Gift Set

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Amazon Sauces - Columbia Includes:

Amazon Red Amazon Sauce - Amazon Red Amazon Sauce - Hot - Ideal for meats, seafood, poultry, soups, rice, and cocktail drinks. Ingredients: Cane Vinegar, Red Amazon peppers, & sea salt.

Amazon Green Amazon Sauce - Spectacular Fresh Aroma. Excellent on chicken wings, tacos, salads, BBQ meats and pork. Superb on mussels, seafood, cocktails, oysters, fish, shrimp, ceviche and pasta. 1997 - OUTSIDE MAGAZINE. Randy Wayne W: ..."Recently, traveling through Colombia, I came across a local concoction that I believe was the best hot sauce I have ever tried. It was a pungent green, quite hot, but not too hot. It had the fragrance of rich vinegar and crushed pepper blooms. It was simple. It was pure. And also: "I think I've found a hot sauce that's uncomfortably close to perfection" Ingredients: Cane Vinegar, Green Amazon peppers, sea salt, & tumeric.

Amazon Habañero Mustard Sauce - A Creole Style Habañero mustard sauce for the real professional in fiery foods. An all-natural blend of cane vinegar, red Habañero peppers, Red Cayenne peppers, mustard, sugar, turmeric and spices. Try on hot dogs, burgers, smoked sausage, potato salad, deviled eggs, rice & more. All Natural Ingredients: Cane vinegar, Red Habañero peppers, Red Cayenne peppers, mustard, sugar, turmeric, spices.

Amazon Chipotle Sauce - Mild - Ideal for BBQ, rice, or marinating meats, poultry, and seafood. All Natural. Product of Colombia. Ingredients: Cane Vinegar, Chipotle pepper, sugar, salt, & spices.

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