D.L.Jardine’s Pineapple Salsa Medium – 16 ounce jar

D.L.Jardine’s Pineapple Salsa Medium – 16 ounce jar

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D. L. Jardine's Pineapple Medium Salsa - Texans sure are an adventurous bunch. So much that we decided to make a salsa using pineapples. The results are astounding, a truly amazing taste sensation. This salsa has such a sweet, sassy taste to it...... you'll love it! We may be oceans apart, but when it comes to fruit salsa, Texas and Hawaii are more like neighbors! With D.L. Jardine's Special Edition Pineapple Salsa we give you the best of both worlds. We use all natural ingredients like sweet, succulent pineapples, plump sun ripened tomatoes and spicy Jalapeños to make the best salsa out there! Our pineapple salsa is great with tortilla chips or mix with sour cream for a dip with real zip!!! One bite and you will be hula dancing around your campfire in no time!

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Ingredients: Diced red tomatoes, pineapples, sugar, green chiles, tomato paste, Jalapeño peppers, pineapple juice, salt, Bell peppers, lemon juice, onions, spices.

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