Kick – Start Bloody Mary Mix – 32 ounce bottle

Kick – Start Bloody Mary Mix – 32 ounce bottle

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Try our Cajun Power Bloody Mary Mix

Kick-Start Bloody Mary Mix - A Taste of Chicago - 100% ready to ride mix. An original biker recipe full of only top shelf ingredients for a gourmet top shelf taste. Straight up, on the rocks or with a shot of vodka - ask for it by name when you want a "kick-start". Excellent for cooking. Use Kick-Start in soup, stew, chili, meatloaf, marinades, stuffed green peppers and caccitories."

Fueling suggestions" : Regular - Serve over ice and garnish for a refreshingly delicious drink. Mid Grade - Serve with 1 to 2 oz of your favorite vodka or gin over ice and garnish.
High Octane - serve with 1 to 2 oz of vodka with a splash of brandy and white tequila over ice and garnish.

"Fine Tuning Suggestion":

A. The Norms - Wedge of lime and/or lemon, celery, salt rim of glass.
B. Stick/Slice - Celery, cucumber, carrot or pickle.
C. Pickled - Green beans, yellow beans, asparagus spears or 'shrooms.
D. Misc- Stuffed green olives, black olives, cocktail onions, pepperonchini or jumbo shrimp.
E. All of the above.

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Ingredients: Tomato paste, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, high fructose corn syrup, hydrolized vegetable protein, salt, hot sauce, horseradish, spices, onion powder and garlic powder. Contains 68% fruit juice.

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