Pappy’s Moonshine Madness Hot BBQ Sauce with Kentucky Bourbon – 12.7 ounce bottle

Pappy’s Moonshine Madness Hot BBQ  Sauce with Kentucky Bourbon – 12.7 ounce bottle

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Pappy's Moonshine Madness - "So hot, you'll go blind!" Gives you a great flavor, and than whacks you with 3 times the heat of Pappy's White Lighting BBQ Sauce. People who enjoy hot flavors love this sauce. On the outer edge of endurance for most barbecue folks, those who say it ain't hot are the same people that think battery acid is a culinary treat. Enjoy a little Moonshine Madness, as each batch has just a little hooch to make it tasty, and a little 'madness' just to be cruel to sissies. Nutritional Note: If you can stand the heat, cook with it! If not, leave it the hell alone!" All natural ingredients and tremendous Southern flavor both inside the bottle and outside. Let "Pappy's" keep you happy...Heat Level - 8 out of 10. 2002 Best Package Award for BBQ from NBBQA. Pappy's Moonshine Madness is another fantastic creation by Shane Best, Kentucky's World Champion Grill Master and the folks at Bourbon Q Brands Sauces.

All Natural, No Fat

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Ingredients: Tomato puree, worcestershire sauce, sugar, vinegar, fresh garlic, fresh onion, chile pepper, Black pepper, oil of capsicum, Kentucky Bourbon, hickory smoke, natural hickory seasoning, Habañero pepper, spices.

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