Five Alarm – 4 Pack Gift Box

Five Alarm – 4 Pack Gift Box

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Five Alarm Gift Box includes: Melinda's Scorpion Pepper Sauce, You Can't Handle This, Vicious Viper, Heartbreaking Dawns 1841 Ghost Pepper.

You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce - Designed to smell & taste great, while the extreme heat level allows your mouth to surf the big ones. The delayed reaction scorching heat is real fun. With the great taste and fiery heat this sauce is  on our list of hottest sauces. Great for a gift because every bottle is topped with black velveteen cloth.This sauce has been lauded on several different occasions :Highlighted in a "Backburner" Article in Chile Pepper Magazine. Shown to tons of food connoisseurs on the TV Food Network in 2001, when Chip Hearn was on TV describing his National Award Winning sauces. It was also shown on the "Regis and Kathie Lee" show in spring of 1998. Seen on "Roker on the Road" on the TV Food Network in 2004. Ingredients : Red wine vinegar, unsulphured molasses, onion, American garlic, Jalapeño pepper, oleoresin capsicum, cinnamon, cloves, herbs & spices. Made for Peppers in Rehoboth Beach,Delaware.

Vicious Viper Extremely Hot Hot Sauce - Let the Vicious Viper bite you with her lethal, venomous heat! Warning! This is one of the HOTTEST sauces we carry. Extremely hot and is to be used as a food supplement only, one drop at a time. Vicious but delicious. No Fat, No Cholesterol, No Carb  Ingredients: Vinegar, Habañero peppers,pepper extract, tomatoes, mustard, papaya, guava, pineapple, banana, sugar, passion fruit juice, guava juice. From Ohio

Heartbreaking Dawns 1841 Pear & Apple Ghost Pepper Sauce - Heartbreaking Dawns focuses on both Flavor and Fire to bring you 1841, The year Rev. Miles Bronson arrived amongst the Naga people, ending the widespread practice of headhunting. This handcrafted hot sauce features the infamous Ghost Pepper. This "superhot," also known as the Bhut Jolokia, comes alive amidst a blend of all-natural Pear and Apple. While this sauce brings a significant amount of heat we managed to create a blend that allows the subtle and sweet fruitiness of the Pears and Apples to tingle your tongue before that onset of true Jolokia Burn! Ingredients: Pear, applesauce, cider vinegar, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper), onion, carrot, lime juice, sugar, sea salt, garlic, & white pepper. From: New York

Melinda's Scorpion Pepper Sauce - Melinda's Original Scorpion Pepper Sauce is pure heat. Our hottest offering by far, the Scorpion is confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records to be the hottest chili in the world (2,000,000 Scoville Units). Ingredients: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers, fresh carrots, onions, lime juice, vinegar, garlic and salt.  From Texas Made in Costa Rica.



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