The Hottest Sauces In The World – 4 Pack Gift Box

The Hottest Sauces In The World – 4 Pack Gift Box

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The Hottest Sauces In The World includes:

Blair's Ultra Death Sauce With Jersey Fury - 4 On Our Top 20 Hottest List! One taste & you'll know this Jersey boy was here! If you have an insatiable need for heat or are one that lives in excess... Here I come. This sauce is the real deal. So Shut the "F" up & pour me out! Love YA. Dear Chilipal, Since 1989, it has been my passion to create food that makes people smile... to spread my sauces & snacks around the globe, one Chilihead at a time. To watch your eyes light up, put a smile on your face, & most of all, make you FEEL ALIVE!! I am fun in a Coffin for you to enjoy. To you I say a Sincere Thank You & welcome to my wonderful world of spice. Know who you are & FEEL ALIVE!! Your Chilipal, Blair WARNING: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS THE HOTTEST KNOWN INGREDIENTS ON THE PLANET EARTH PLEASE USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION! Suggested Uses: BE WARNED: This sauce contains ingredients 800 times hotter than a Jalapeño chile. USE SPARINGLY. Ultra Death Should Not Be Consumed Without Dilution! Contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Ingredients: Red Habañero pods, Naga Jolokia, Cayenne chilies, white vinegar, natural pepper flavor, tomato puree, Pirri-Pirri chilies, lime juice, salt, spices. From New Jersey

Dave's Gourmet Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce - The Hottest Sauce in the Universe! Be afraid, be very afraid! This sauce is the new contender in the heavy weight battle of the Super Hots and is now at #15 on our super hot list. Folks, this one will knock you out with one punch. This sauce smells like a super Habañero. WARNING: Use this product one drop at a time. Keep away from eyes, pets and children. Not for people with heart or respiratory problems. This is an insanely spicy and delicious cooking ingredient and should be used diluted (with oil) or in soups, sauces, or dressings. Enjoy! Ingredients: Red Habañeros, Hot Pepper extract, Red chiles, tomato paste, salt, onions, cane vinegar, garlic, vegetable oil. Product of Costa Rica

2002 National Champion XXX Hot Category at the National Fiery Food Challenge/ Chile Pepper Magazine.

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce With Bullet Key Chain 750,000 Scoville - Silver Collection Edition - Number one with a bullet! That's the 357 Mad Dog Silver Collectors Edition, packing 750,000 sizzlin' Scoville Units (the amount of sugar water needed to dilute the heat of a pepper, so you no longer taste heat) along with the heavy weight crown of the worlds hottest hot sauce ever made. Sporting an, oh so apropos, golden bullet key chain fastened to the bottle of the killer concoction. Making this, hotter than hot sauce, a very cool collectable. This sauce is #1 on our Top 20 List. Ask yourself one question... Do you feel lucky, punk? Ingredients: Vinegar, Chili extract, evaporated cane juice, fresh Habañero peppers, garlic, onion, 160,000 Scoville Cayenne peppers, Spices. From Massachusetts

High River Sauces Foo Foo Mama Choo Smokin Ed’s Carolina Reaper SauceFoo Foo Mama Choo is a complex sauce. But it comes off simple. The label says it’s a little Asian, a little Southern Country, but I say it’s a lot unique. The natural blending of new flavors with favorite ingredients creates a veritable concert of smooth flavor. Kinda like when Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones played with the Foo Fighters in 2008 at Wembley (get it? Foo Fighters? Foo Foo Mama Choo?! Ok, fine….never mind..). Complex notes of “secret spices”, ginger, reaper pepper, roasted red peppers, and soy sauce, along with the more simple harmony of roasted tomato, onion and garlic come together nicely thanks to the backup band of rice wine vinegar, brown sugar, and white pepper. And did I mention it’s HOT!? The Carolina Reaper, with it’s world record heat, packs a big punch. But it is a sweet pepper, with a great citrusy note, and High River has managed to layer it, control it, and deliver it with the finesse of a fine sound board engineer! Yessir, ladies and gentlemen, just like the music legends I mentioned, Foo Foo Mama Choo masters its sound and harnesses the raw energy of the world’s hottest pepper in unique and memorable fashion. Ingredients: Roasted Red Peppers, (Roasted peppers, Water, Salt, Citric Acid), Fire Roasted Tomatoes, (Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Salt, Citric Acid), Rice Wine Vinegar, Reaper Peppers, Onions, Brown Sugar, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Ginger Root, Salt, White Pepper, Secret Herbs & Spices. From New York


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