Ass Blaster Hot Sauce – In A Wooden Box Outhouse – 5 ounce bottle

Ass Blaster Hot Sauce – In A Wooden Box Outhouse – 5 ounce bottle

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Ass Blaster Hot Sauce - In A Wooden Box Outhouse - Hold onto something heavy when you splash this hot sauce on your favorite foods! Contains Capsicum extract that is Extremely Hot! Not for weak heinie's! This sauce comes with an "Ass Blaster Border Beans" recipe on the side of the bottle. At Southwest Specialty Food we strive to integrate innovative and practical ideas into our product packaging. Ass Blaster Hot Sauce packaging is a faithful replica of the actual antique outhouse that proudly stands in place of honor at the entrance of our Arizona headquarters. Be warned and be prepared: the Ass Blaster is not for the "uninitiated" and has well earned its highly esteemed name among connoisseurs of fine quality condiments.

Ass Blaster Border Beans
2 30 oz. cans pinto beans
1 cube salt pork (optional)
3-4 cloves garlic, minced
1 TBS Dried oregano
2-4TBS Ass Blaster Hot Sauce

Directions: Place pinto beans with juice in a sauce pan, add salt pork, garlic, oregano, and Ass Blaster Hot Sauce. Simmer until thoroughly heated. Add water if necessary. Enjoy each Ass Blastin' bite! No Fat, No Calorie

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Ingredients: Habañero peppers, vinegar, Capsicum extract, carrots,salt, garlic, spices.

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