Blue’s BBQ Habañero Reserve Hot Sauce – 5 ounce bottle

Blue’s BBQ Habañero Reserve Hot Sauce – 5 ounce bottle

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Blue's Habañero Reserve is an all natural Red Savina Habañero Pepper Hot Sauce that is "Music to your mouth". Blending fresh Red Savinas with garlic, lemon, Cayenne and tomato creates an extraordinary flavor and a perfect slow burn for the hot sauce lover. Truly one of the finest sauces on the market! Blue's BBQ Habañero Reserve is a true hot sauce. Reduced sugars, added garlic and fresh Red Savina Habañero Peppers are the foundation of this product. There are many sauces that contain Habañero peppers but not like this one. Blue's uses over 265 pounds of fresh Habañero peppers in every batch. Most hot sauces are pungent and bitter due to harsh vinegars and pepper extracts. Blue's BBQ Habañero Pepper Sauce is smooth and uses no extracts. This sauce will not melt your brain or hurt you, but use sparingly until you understand your heat tolerance. An every day condiment for all pork, beef and poultry dishes. Great on wings!

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Ingredients: Lemon juice, cider vinegar, fresh Red Savina Habañero peppers, tomato, Cayenne pepper, Chili pepper, Black pepper, sugar, salt, garlic.

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