Busha Browne’s Original Spicy Planters Steak Sauce 12 oz

Busha Browne’s Original Spicy Planters Steak Sauce 12 oz

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Busha Browne's Original Spicy Planters Steak Sauce- 19th Century Jamaica revolved almost exclusively around the vast plantations run by overseers, known locally as Bushas, and spicy sauces were a fundamental part of their cuisine as they are today.This recipe for the definitive Planters Steak Sauce was discovered by Charlie Browne, descendant of the Marquess of Sligo, in his family archives and combines a subtle blend of tomatoes, mangoes, tamarind, hot peppers and spices. The sauce is traditionally aged in wooden casks and has a multiplicity of uses: it contributes a distinctive spicy flavour to stews, casseroles and seafood. It transforms a cold platter and a few drops adds piquancy to gravies, marinades or stocks and -- even to scrambled eggs. Use it wherever a touch of spice is required.

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Ingredients: Pureed tomatoes, pureed mangoes, pureed tamarinds, cane vinegar, raisins, onions, Seville orange puree, cane sugar, caramel, crushed hot peppers, pimento, salt, garlic.

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