Dave’s Gourmet 6 Pure Dried Chiles – 1.97 ounce shaker

Dave’s Gourmet 6 Pure Dried Chiles – 1.97 ounce shaker

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Dave's Gourmet 6 Pure Dried Chiles - An ingeniously designed round Shaker with six individual chile seasonings:

Ancho Chili Pepper:            .20 ounce
Cayenne Chili Pepper:        .30 ounce
Chipotle Pepper flakes:       .30 ounce
De Arbol Chili Pepper:         .40 ounce
Habañero Pepper flakes:     .21 ounce
New Mexico Chili Pepper:     .38 ounce

Hardy and spicy for any of your favorite dishes! Just sprinkle a bit of this pepper on anything and send your taste buds on an endorphin ride!

From: California

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