Desert Creatures Hot Sauce Gift Set – 4 Pack

Desert Creatures Hot Sauce Gift Set – 4 Pack

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Desert Creatures Hot Sauce Gift Set - 4 Pack - A Gift set including a bottle each of Desert Creatures Black Widow's Kiss X-tra Hot Sauce, Rattler's Bite Habanero Hot Sauce, Coyote's Howl Jalapeno Hot Sauce, and Scorpion's Sting Cajun Hot Sauce.

Scorpion's Sting Cajun Hot Sauce - 5 oz. - Most common in southern Arizona where this curious mixture is made, Scorpions are nocturnal critters. They often ambush their prey, lying in wait as they sense them approach. They capture their prey by paralyzing them with venom. The immobilized prey is then subjected to an acid spray that dissolves the tissues, allowing the scorpion to suck up the remains. Be warned, and use at your own risk! Habañero and Jalapeño peppers make this scorpion really sting. Ingredients: Habañero peppers, Jalapeño peppers, tomato paste, vinegar, salt, fresh garlic, Black pepper, White pepper, onion powder, & spices.

Coyote's Howl Jalalpeno Hot Sauce - 5 oz. - One of the most adaptable animals in the world, the coyote is a trickster by nature, and can change its breeding habits, diet and social dynamics to survive. They are smart, tenacious individuals and they learn quickly. A uniquely haunting sound, the howl of the coyote is truly a song of the West. So don't be surprised if you start howling yourself after sampling this one-of-a-kind hot sauce! Ingredients: Jalapeño peppers, vinegar, salt, garlic, & spices.

Rattler's Bite Habañero Hot Sauce - The rattlesnake is renowned in the west for its ability to strike quickly, stand its ground, and survive in the harshest of environments. The venom of this pit viper causes extensive tissue damage, bleeding and swelling in humans and can be lethal, so you don't want to cross one of these critters in a bad mood. Our Rattler's Bite is sure to get anyone's attention, fast! Be warned, and Don't Tread On Me! Ingredients: Habañero Pepper, vinegar, carrots, salt, garlic, & spices.

Black Widow's Kiss X-tra Hot Sauce - 5 oz. - Shy, nocturnal and seductively 'hour-glass' shaped, the infamous black widow should not be taken lightly. Her venom is 15 times as toxic as the prairie rattlesnake. Bites are seldom fatal however due to the small amount venom released in a bite. But be warned: Only a 'kiss' of this rare concoction is sufficient...More than that can be lethal! Ingredients: Habañero peppers, vinegar, garlic, salt, & spices.

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