From Jamaica – 4 Pack Gift Set

From Jamaica – 4 Pack Gift Set

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The Gift of Jamaica includes: Grace Scotch Bonnet Sauce,  Pickapeppa Original Brown Sauce, Walkerswood Seriously Hot Jamaican Jonkanoo Pepper Sauce, and Jamaican Me Crazy Hot Sauce.

Grace Scotch Bonnet Sauce - Made with yellow Scotch Bonnet peppers grown in Jamaica. An awesome hot sauce with the fine taste of Scotch Bonnet. When you taste it the first impression is rather sweet and fruity, soon followed by a wonderful Habañero flavor and a few seconds later an intensive heat. Perfect on egg sandwiches and all other food. No Fat. Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet peppers, cane vinegar, cane sugar, salt. From Jamaica

Pickapeppa Original Brown Sauce - The Pickapeppa Company Limited was established in 1921. Over the years it has won a number of awards, both nationally and internationally, to attest to its high quality and consistency of flavor. Pickapeppa products are aged in oak barrels. They contain only the finest tropical fruits & spices from all over the world. Ingredients: Cane vinegar, sugar, tomatoes, onions, raisins, sea salt, ginger, peppers, garlic, cloves, Black pepper, thyme, mangos, orange peel. From Jamaica

Walkerswood Seriously Hot Jamaican Jonkanoo Pepper Sauce - Be adventurous... take your taste buds on an island tour. This sauce is made from a blend of Caribbean hot peppers. Add a dash to wake up any savory dish. Ingredients: Hot peppers, vinegar, salt, sugar, scallions, onions, garlic powder, thyme. From Jamaica, West Indies

Jamaican Me Crazy Hot Sauce - Hey Mon! How you nyam so much? After you black up with the ganja, picky-picky rastas lively up their plate with dis smokin' hot sauce. The peppers in dis sauce are also smoked! Pour it on the seafood, or jerk it wit de chicken. Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, Habañero peppers, tomato paste, Chipotle peppers, onions, salt, chives, sugar, garlic powder, Black pepper. From Delawarefla realтоп планшетыbest binary websitequeried meaningцерковь возрождения проповедь

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