Gecko Gary’s Thai Juan On Hot Sauce – 5 ounce bottle

Gecko Gary’s Thai Juan On Hot Sauce – 5 ounce bottle

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Gecko Gary's Thai Juan On Hot Sauce - Where East meets Southwest. Thai Juan On is a Yin blend of Thai peppers and Yang blast of Habañero peppers and Red Jalapeño peppers. Add soy sauce, lime juice, a blend of curry spices Zen your customers' tastebuds will be happy. It's Karma Buena!

10th Anniversary Fiery Food Challenge Winners: 3rd Place
2003 Scovie Awards - World Beat Hot Sauce: 2nd Place
2003 Scovie Awards - Flat Art/Product Label: 2nd Place2003 International Fiery Foods Magazine Show (in Albuquerque, NM) - Product Label: 2nd place
2002 International Fiery Foods Show (in Albuquerque, NM) - World Best Hot Sauce: 2nd Place
No Calorie, No Fat, No Carb.

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Ingredients: Vinegar, Roasted Red peppers, Habañero chilies, Serrano chilies, fresh garlic, soy sauce, salt, lime juice, sugar,spices

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