Heinie Hurtin’ Hot Sauce – 8 ounce jar

Heinie Hurtin’ Hot Sauce – 8 ounce jar

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Heinie Hurtin' Hot Sauce & Jelly - That’s right folks, it’s Scroturday again!  Despite a busy week full of drinking and drinking, I’m here for you with a new review.  I have with me Peppers Heinie-Hurtin’ Hot Sauce, made exclusively for Peppers.com.  It says it’s a multiple national champion of hot sauce and jelly, but doesn’t say anything about what awards it’s won, or where.  So, I guess there’s nothing left to do but get into it!

Made for Peppers in Lewes, DE


Ingredients: Sugar, Jalapeño peppers, apple Cider Vinegar, pectin

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