Iguana Sauces – Costa Rica 4 Pack Gift Set

Iguana Sauces – Costa Rica 4 Pack Gift Set

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Iguana Sauce from Costa Rica includes: Iguana Mean Green Hot n' Tasty Jalapeño Pepper Sauce, Iguana Gold Habanero Island Pepper Sauce, Iguana XXX Pretty Damn Hot Habañero Pepper Sauce, Iguana En Fuego - Ultra Hot Pepper Sauce.

Iguana Mean Green Hot n' Tasty Jalapeño Pepper Sauce - All Killer/No Filler. At the Bay, they think hot sauce should never be gratuitously hot, forsaking flavor. (We've all been there.) That's why they created Iguana Mean Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce, which features a very delicate balance between the moderate heat of the Jalapeño pepper and its unique, fresh, "grassy" flavor. Hot n' tasty is where it's at: the first wave of flavor here is the fabulous onion, garlic and Jalapeño blend, followed a few seconds into the wave with a perfect dose of Jalapeño heat. Iguana Mean Green rules in all seafood, chicken and pork dishes, not to mention eggs, beans and rice, soups, chili and in marinades for the grill. No Fat, No Calorie, No Cholesterol Ingredients: Jalapeño peppers, carrots, onions, garlic, vinegar, sugar, salt, corn starch. From Florida.

Iguana Gold Habanero Island Pepper Sauce - The Habañero gods have smiled on Half Moon Bay, and the result is Iguana Gold, a medium-hot, deliciously tangy Habañero and mustard-based Bajan-West Indian-style pepper sauce. Fresh onion, garlic, carrot, cucumber, mustard and aromatic spices help tone down the heat a little on this complex Habañero blend to give it a higher-than-typical "utility rate" - in other words, it's good on almost everything. This "down island" pepper sauce features seductive flavor that will keep home chefs and connoisseurs alike coming back for more. No Fat, No Cholesterol Ingredients: Cayenne peppers, cane sugar, carrots, salt, onions, cucumbers, Habañero peppers, corn starch, mustard, vinegar, spices, garlic. Made in Costa Rica. From Florida. 

Iguana XXX  Pretty Damn Hot Habañero Pepper Sauce -  is a hot, classically-styled sauce featuring a 50% aged Habañero base with carrot, onion, garlic, tomato and lime juice rounding its full-bodied taste. The striking natural orange color comes from the dominant ripe Habañero and carrot base. Its thick and pulpy texture and robust flavor come on strong and feature the famous and fabulous delayed Habañero burn. Iguana XXX is not to be confused with ridiculously hot Habañero sauces that are fortified with pepper extracts. As the label says, this all-natural pepper sauce is "Pretty Damn Hot" -- without being artificially so. No Fat, No Calorie, No Carb, No Sugar, No Cholesterol Ingredients: Fresh ripe Habañero peppers, carrots, vinegar, onions, lime juice, tomato paste, salt, garlic. From Florida.

Iguana En Fuego-Ultra Hot Pepper Sauce is one Hunk'a Hunk'a Burnin' Love! - Just in from their Facility in tropical Costa Rica, this all-natural scorcher features a delicious tropical fruit base of pineapple, lime, papaya, and passion fruit - loads of Red Habañero and a bit of capsacin oleresin to boost the heat beyond the range of their Iguana Radio Active (which is as hot as can naturally produced without the little bit of capsacin extract that their mascot "Iggy" snuck into the new En Fuego). Iguana En Fuego is not as insanely hot as many other extra hot extract pepper sauces, yet can still actually be enjoyed with food, instead of ruining the food. At approximately 100,000 Scoville Units it's hotter than a Jalapeño popper at Bennigan's, yet isn't a million Scoville Unit "frat boy prank type hot sauce". Ingredients: Habañero Peppers, cane vinegar, onion, pineapple, lime juice, pepper oleoresin, papaya, passion fruit, carrot, salt, onion powder, sugar, garlic powder. From Costa Ricaшины летниесегодняшние новости харькова видеопродвижение интернетvid.lyблендер купитьrjgbhfqnbyu

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