Iguana Spicy Hot Bloody Mary Mixer – 25.7 ounce bottle

Iguana Spicy Hot Bloody Mary Mixer – 25.7 ounce bottle

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Bloody Iguana Spicy Hot Bloody Mary Mixer - The Big Boy Size! What's a "Bloody Iguana" you say? Great question says Iggy, our intrepid mascot! Here's our spicy Costa Rican version of the old Bloody fave. A "Bloody Maria" if you will, a fired-up Latino hot tamale hybrid that will make you dance the merengue on your first date, if you know what I mean señor. Nothing but fresh tropical ingredients, a splash of warm Pacific surf n' sun & lots of Pura Vida...Salud! It's the bloody best! How can I make a "Bloody Maria"? ........ Thought you'd never ask...Add one part vodka (or Tekillya if you're really desperate) to 3 or 4 parts Bloody Iguana Brand Bloody Mary Mixer. Pour over ice (check local water supply first) and shake it up - or stir if you're alone. Garnish with a celery stick, whole hot pepper or small iguana and slowly apply ample SPF 45 sunscreen to your mate. Chosen as Weight Watchers Low-Cal Cocktail.

No Fat

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Ingredients: Tomato paste, cane vinegar, lime juice, salt, sweet Red peppers, carrots, modified corn starch, cane sugar, celery seed, cracked Black pepper, garlic, Habañero peppers, banana, onion, onion powder, pineapple, tamarind, beet powder, cucumber, Cayenne pepper.

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