J.T. Pappy’s Hickory Heaven – 18 ounce bottle

J.T. Pappy’s Hickory Heaven – 18 ounce bottle

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J.T. Pappy's Hickory Heaven - is a MILD, smokey version. While Pappy was mixin' a batch of his mild sauce, he got caught in a lightnin' storm which struck down his favorite hickory tree scatterin' smokin' hickory chips all in his sauce. Well the rest is history. If you love all-natural smoke flavor you're gonna want this for every grillin' adventure. Completely Vegetarian just shake and pour.

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Ingredients: Spicy Brown Mustard, Ketchup, Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce, Blackstrap Molasses, Worcestershire Sauce, Black Pepper, Contains Soy

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