Lizano Salsa (Sauce) – 700ml bottle

Lizano Salsa (Sauce) – 700ml bottle

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Lizano Salsa - The original sauce since 1920, made from fresh vegetables and natural condiments. It was at the beginning of the century when Mr. Lizano, a lover of the good spoon, manufactured in his provincial home the exquisite Lizano sauce. This unique and original recipe was the result of the perfect blend of vegetables and natural condiments rigorously selected, which grants its characteristic taste and aroma, that only the Lizano sauce can offer you. Furthermore, it does not contain artificial flavorings or colorings, therefore your foods will always taste fresh. The Lizano Sauce is ideal to cook with. Use as a condiment to enhance the taste of chicken, beef, pork, fish, seafood, rice, soups, hamburgers, sandwiches, potatoes, chips, eggs, beans and every type of food that you can think of. Bon Appetite with Lizano Sauce.
No Fat

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Ingredients: Sugar, vegetables, molasses, spices, (mustard, celery), modified corn starch.

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