Matteos Rear Trauma Hot Sauce – 6 ounce bottle

Matteos Rear Trauma Hot Sauce – 6 ounce bottle

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Matteo's Rear Trauma Hot Sauce - "Chico Suave says...hold onto your shorts hombres, this one burns!" - it's the type of hot sauce that will be used up before you know it. Slathered on your favorite steak, chicken, pork, or fish, it has a tangy fresh heat that stays with your palate and glides down your throat until your next bite. Rear Trauma is actually a spin-off of the Ass Burner Salsa which is only made and sold fresh at Matteo's Salsa Loco Restaurant.One year, at a Restaurant Food Tasting Festival, Matteo set up his extravaganza of Mexican food, salsas and hot sauces including his Ass Burner Salsa. "They" told him that obscenities such as "Ass" could not be displayed anywhere. Well, since Matteo couldn't show his Ass that day, he had to come up with something quick. 12 brain cells later, his Rear Trauma was born.Since that day, Matteo has formulated the recipe for his Rear Trauma to a slightly milder version of the Ass Burner that combines fire roasted Habañero, Jalapeño, and Red peppers with fresh veggies and lime juice to create an awesome yet drinkable hot sauce with a Kick Ass label!

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Ingredients: Tomato juice, roasted Jalapeño peppers, red wine vinegar, fresh onions, fresh carrots, lime juice, Habañero chilies, soybean oil, red chili peppers, roasted garlic, olive oil, spices, & salt.

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