Outerbridges Royal Full Hot Rum Peppers Sauce – 5 ounce bottle

Outerbridges Royal Full Hot Rum Peppers Sauce – 5 ounce bottle

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Outerbridges Royal Full Hot Rum Peppers Sauce - "An Authentic Taste of Bermuda! This condiment is made from the same old recipe as Outerbridge's Original Sherry Peppers. Back in the nineteenth century imaginative sailors in the Royal Navy were fortifying sherry with hot peppers to concoct an all-purpose seasoning. Land bound and sea faring Bermudians alike took up the taste and made it a tradition. Bermuda hot sauce The piquant condiment became so popular that my cousin Robbie and I decided to perfect the recipe, and called it Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Peppers Sauce. The secret family recipe, then as now, made by hand in Bermuda, calls for the steeping of select bud peppers and more than a dozen herbs and spices in casks of sherry. It wasn't long before the condiment was a favorite among islanders and tourists, many of whom took bottles home to the states. 

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Ingredients: Rum, natural flavor, sherry wine, spices.

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