Robert Rothschild Ginger Wasabi Sauce 9.8 ounce jar

Robert Rothschild Ginger Wasabi Sauce 9.8 ounce jar

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Robert Rothschild Ginger Wasabi Sauce- An award-winning combination of the intensity of ginger with the jolt of wasabi. Let your spring rolls linger or enliven steamed vegetables. This sauce will perfect any dish. Delightful added to a crabmeat salad, but is most at home on smoked salmon filets, sushi or slathered inside a seared tuna sandwich.

2004 NASFT Best Seller Award and
2003 NASFT Outstanding New Product!

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Ingredients: soybean oil, sugar, corn syrup, candied ginger, distilled white and red raspberry vinegar, apricots, mustard flour, egg yolks, modified corn starch, horseradish, salt, ginger puree, natural flavor & wasabi.

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