Smokehouse Grille Hickory BBQ – 16 ounce bottle

Smokehouse Grille Hickory BBQ – 16 ounce bottle

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Smokehouse Grille Hickory BBQ - This is the sauce that everyone loves! It brings a mouthwatering, delightfully sweet, mildly tangy BBQ flavor to all your favorite foods from meats to salads. Yes, even salads! It's the perfect blend of good stuff that goes well with everything. Even kids love this sauce and it's a fan favorite at the Smokehouse Grille Restaurant. Buy this today use it tonight and you'll be back for more tomorrow. Use it in your recipes or just top off your favorite burger to take it to another level. Serve this to your family and friends and bask in the compliments.

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Ingredients: Ketchup, honey, brown sugar, butter, beef base, molasses, mustard, worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, garlic, spices

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