Smokin Hot Stuff – 13.4 ounce bottle

Smokin Hot Stuff – 13.4 ounce bottle

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Smokin Hot Stuff - All natural. Grilling, condiment, BBQ, cooking, bloody marys, tacos, seafood. Saga of E.Z. Earl A funny thing happened on the way to the 1991 Oregon Food Dealers Show. E.Z. Earl Greiner took his newly formulated Stirling Gourmet Syrups to introduce to the espresso coffee market. As a booth "grabber" he decided to serve samples of his family-famous Red-Hot Stuff cooking sauce. No surprise - the "java-heads" loved the flavored syrups. Big surprise - the 'chili-heads" raved about his Blazin-Hot Stuff. Fifteen years passed, during which Stirling became renowned as America's premier flavored coffee syrup. Then, in 2006, Stirling turned E.Z. Earl out to pasture. With way too much time on his hands, this old cowboy donned his chuck-wagon apron, reached for his old Dutch Oven, and once again resurrected his flavorful Blazin-Hot Stuff. He then added a new Smokin-Hot Stuff sauce and headed back to the N.W. Food Dealers Show. Again the "chili-heads" went crazy for the cooking sauces. Later that year E.Z. Earl began to produce and commercially market his flavorful hot stuff. As you sample E.Z. Earl's hot sauces to experience the exquisite burn, always remember his words of wisdom to "chili-heads" everywhere. "Heat is neat - but savor the flavor!"

No MSG, No Preservatives

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Ingredients: pure white vinegar, diced tomatoes in juice, English-Style Worcestershire sauce (no anchovies), secret blend of 12 natural herbs and spices, Oregon Clover honey, concentrated lemon juice, x-hot horseradish, salt, natural hickory smoke, precooked food starch, hot chili extract.

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