The Best Chipotle Sauce 4 Pack Gift Set

The Best Chipotle Sauce 4 Pack Gift Set

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The Best Chipotle Sauces includes: Mountain Man Roasted Corn Garlic & Chipotle Sauce, Who Gives a Rat's Ass, El Yucateco Chipotle Hot Sauce, Melinda's Chipotle Hot Sauce.

Mountain Man Roasted Corn Garlic & Chipotle Sauce - Some like it hot. If you like what you've had and you're hot for more...and hotter that you can't find it... Mountain Man was created with the discriminating palette in mind, wood roasting the pepper yields results similar to the process of roasting garlic; enhancing the subtle flavors while mellowing the more overwhelming characteristics of the product. Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, Chipotle peppers, corn, tomato puree, molasses, garlic, salt, brown sugar, canola oil. From Florida

Who Gives a Rat's Ass - We all know someone who is the best at this or that. They're great and they tell you about it all the time. Blah, blah, blah; well to that we say... Who Gives a Rat's Ass!!!! No Fat, No Carb Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, Habañero peppers, tomato paste, Chipotle peppers, onions, salt, chives, sugar, garlic powder, Black pepper. From Delaware

El Yucateco Chipotle Hot Sauce - Made of smoked Chipotle peppers. This excellent combination added to an original recipe gives, as a result, a bittersweet flavor that cannot be missed! El Yucateco, found in some of the best Mexican restaurants, now combines the smoky taste of Chipotle with their own great distinctive blend. Pungency: 3,400 S.C.U. No coloring added, Low sodium, No fat Ingredients: Chipotle peppers, salt, spices. From Mexico

Melinda's Chipotle Hot Sauce - Melinda's original Habañero pepper sauces are world renowned for their exceptional balance of heat and flavor. Melinda's Chipotle Sauce continues this tradition by using freshly chopped ingredients, aromatic herbs and spices. Melinda's uses the freshest all natural ingredients blended perfectly with Mother Nature's hottest pepper - the Habañero. The result is a Chipotle sauce with a rich smoky flavor and an extra dose of heat from the Habañero. Try it as a marinade or BBQ sauce or put it on tacos, sandwiches, nachos, chili or dip a chip right in. No Calorie, No Fat, No Carb, No Sugar Ingredients: Chipotle peppers, choice red Habañero peppers, fresh carrots, garlic, onions, lime juice, vinegar, salt. From Costa Ricaindependent escortкак пригостоитьстоимость штучного паркетаindian escortиндексировать сайт в гуглеправославная церковь возрождения

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