Toad Sweat Key Lime Dessert Hot Sauce – 5 ounce bottle

Toad Sweat Key Lime Dessert Hot Sauce – 5 ounce bottle

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Toad Sweat Key Lime Dessert Hot Sauce - is a unique combination of fruit flavors with a Habañero finish that will surprise and delight your palate. Not just another hot sauce, Toad Sweat was originally created for use on desserts. The distinct combination of fruit juices and Habañero make these award-winning sauces quite versatile. A mild citrus base with hints of cocoa followed quickly by the Habañero punch. This is the hottest of the 4 sauces!" Available in 3 other tantalizing flavors: Chocolate/Orange, Cranberry & Lemon Vanilla!
Toad Sweat is great on desserts like ice cream, meat marinade or grill sauce, popcorn or burger topper, dipping sauce for fries, mixed with fresh fruit, pumpkin pie and cheesecake. Makes a wonderful topper on oatmeal, pancakes or sweet potatoes. Let your imagination flow with these sensuous sauces!

2002 1st Place Fiery Food Challenge Winner.
2002 2nd Place Fiery Food Challenge Winner in Fruit Hot Sauce Category.
2002 Scovie Award Winner, 2nd Place in the Fruit Category.

From North Carolina

Ingredients: Evaporated cane juice, Key lime juice, Habañero peppers, vanilla extract, cocoa & spices.

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